The fact is, we will always need food. In regard to what that food should be, there really is no argument. We all know what we should be eating. In developed countries, we have choices. Thankfully, we can decide for ourselves what we want to eat and yet this is exactly where things get tricky. Our choices.

Consider what we are currently eating for verification. Are we taking care of ourselves? Look to the ways in which we are currently feeding ourselves, individually and as a region. Are we on top of things? Are we thinking ahead? 

Choices. Food security has its roots in disciplines such as nutritional education, public health, sustainable agriculture, anti-hunger and community development. This is what we have come to find as a people. If we know what is ideal then we need a strategy in place, designed to keep us following through with our goals. We want what's best. 

Let's look at HOW. We must ensure that we see what is both optimal and the opposite, the far from ideal scenarios. We know what it could be, and we know what it takes to get it there but if we do not fully look at what it is, right now, we can't get there. 

Although it is true we often learn best from our own mistakes, we also have the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. We need to act on these occasions, where we hold the awareness. 

We have a responsibility to. Growing food locally makes sense. It decreases environmental impact and contributes less to large scale agriculture practices, (including the mass production of Genetically Modified Organisms). The bottom line is it is our responsibility to demand quality, local produce at a fair price. It is actually the least we can do.

We have all already seen what happens when we don't. It’s obvious we need to grow more local food, but we must also Grow the Local...How? Niagara Farm Project is reaching out to those who we can help. Those who are already practicing sustainable methods. These are our teachers, these people are our leaders. As a whole, we continue to build our relationships within the community so we can in turn invest back into the people of Niagara, educating them and caring for them. This is how everything gets done.

Those who can, do. The Niagara Farm Project's movement of change is a representation our own ability to produce opportunity. It's following a formula as old as time, and as simple as just doing it.

Giving and receiving. Sowing and reaping. It doesn't matter what your religion is, these are spiritual principles. This project and it’s participants KNOW that the firsthand experience of community gardening is an investment that does improve nutritional health, does increase physical activity, does develop knowledge, does encourage peace, and does discover spiritual purpose.   This is so much more than just planting vegetables. Aside from the Niagara Farm Project producing quality fruits and veggies for the ever increasing, ever appreciative clientele of local food, the gardens themselves are becoming another platform entirely from which we are able to launch interactive, nutrition and health based programs to local schools and various organizations.

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